Fix code and spelling mistakes with AI

Easily and accurately fix coding and spelling mistakes

Packed with features you'll love

Stop wasting time trying to fix spelling and coding mistakes the hard way. Our AI application has made this easy with Open AIs API.

Runs in background

Our application does everything in the background like you want whether you need to fix a spelling or coding mistake.

Easy and affordable

Everything we offer is offered at a fair price and is affordable as well.

Works quickly

Simply add in your code or paragraph and you will quickly get a response.

Pricing Plans

Start fixing code and spelling in one click


Great for getting started

$0 /mo

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What's included

  • 50 monthly requests


Great for regular usage

$15 /mo

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What's included

  • 100 monthly requests


Great for max usage

$30 /mo

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What's included

  • 150 monthly requests


Great for over max requests

$60+ /mo

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What's included

  • 150+ monthly requests